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Obama Raises $7 Million Since Super Tuesday

While the talkingheads can debate who won the Super Tuesday Democratic standoff it seems the people have spoken with their pocketbooks and are firmly behind Barack Obama. Everyone loves a winner and people are less apt to throw good money after bad in politics so it's no small thing to note that Obama has raised $7.2 million since polls closed on Tuesday. That's a LOT of money and dwarfs the otherwise impressive $4 million Hillary Clinton raised in the same period.

What makes it tough for Clinton and her supporters is that this $7 million dollar haul follows the $32 million he raised in January, the same month Clinton leant her campaign $5 million of her own money. National politics is a money race and Obama is kicking all kinds of ass.

The momentum for Obama building before Super Tuesday almost washed over California and all but wiped out a 20 point lead Clinton had just two weeks before balloting. If money's any indication, and you can bet your ass it is, that wvae hasn't crested yet and threatens to wash out the Clinton campaign altogether. Better grab a life boat.

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