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Obama Rolls Through Potomac

With a sweep of the Potomac Primary, Barack Obama makes it eight straight wins over Hillary Clinton and for the first time holds a lead in delegates in ALL categories, including the mysterious super delegate column. And these weren't squeakers.

Obama won Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC handily surging ahead at the outset. His percentage in each respective state (as of 10:09 CST) are:

  • Virginia: 64% to 35%
  • Maryland: 59% to 37%
  • Washington DC: 75% to 24%

    That's huge and exit polling showed huge gains in key demographics that had as of late been resistant to Obama's campaign, most notably white men.

    Wins like this in demos like that completely destroy critics' claims that he doesn't have wide enough support to sustain a general election win. Think again.

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    Rolling on a river? HA!

    It looked like about as many people voted for Obama as voted for everybody else combined.

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