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Super Tuesday - Local Edition

Well, Super Tuesday is here and I am just in from voting. Things were brisk in Chicago's 47th Ward but there wasn't the snaking line of rowdy teenagers that I expected. Just the same, EVERYONE in my polling office was voting in the Democratic primary (no surprise given my neighborhood) and EVERYONE was voting Obama (interesting given Hillary's connection to Chicago suburbs). If you are addicted to politics, this is Free Crack Day for you. The POLJUNK team will be checking in throughout the day and night with updates, reports of shenanigans, and general primary nonsense.

Of course, it's not all about the national races, we also have local elections going on and local pols aren't immune to the pressures to outspend each other. Generally, local political ads are lame-o hit jobs with dark shadows, ominous music, and misleading charges of various corruption. They're like the pulp fiction of political advertising. But sometimes we get a gem and here's my pick for this year's Best Local Poltiical Ad of 2008:

"Why Vote For Deratany" Campaign Animation



I took advantage of early voting in IL and am quite glad I did. Speedy and efficient.

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