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The Unitary Citizen

A reader at Talking Points Memo comes up with an brilliant idea:

I actually like the idea of a unitary executive, because it implies that there could be a unitary citizen. I have begun to consider myself a unitary citizen. I am allowed (by virtue of the definition of a unitary executive) to pick and choose the laws I would like to follow, kind of Thoreau like. I also like the idea of retroactive immunity paired with the unitary citizen. I could decide not to follow a stupid law and then forgive myself afterwards.

But it begins to sound like (horrors) anarchy. Maybe that's what we now have as a form of government: unitary anarchy. I like it. It works for me!

Works for me too!



It's sort of like States' Rights, but at the individual citizen level. What's not to love?

I've thought for a long time that Republicans secretly don't want to be Americans. That is, they don't want to live in a cohesive entity, such as a nation, that imposes a rule of law. They've been doing everything they can to dismantle government and now the Huckster wants to eliminate the IRS. I'm not sure how we're gonna fight the Holy War on Terra without revenue, but then the Huckster also believes in miracles...

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