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Bush, Cheney Ain't Welcome Around Here

President Busha dn Vice President Cheney might want to think twice before visiitng the Vermont towns of Brattleboro or nearby Marlboro. Voters in both towns voted to indict both men for what they say are "violations against the constitution" and have directed local police to arrest either man should they step foot in their jurisdiction. But does anyone in town actually have the balls to enforce the measure?

"It really carries no weight," Brattleboro Town Clerk Annette Cappy told the AP. "Our town attorney has no legal authority to draw up any papers to allow our police officers to do so, but the gentleman who initiated the petition, got the signatures, wanted it on the ballot to make a statement."

The measure in Marlboro isn't binding because it didn't appear on the warning for the meeting, according to Nora Wilson.

"It was emotional. There were heartfelt speeches on both sides," Wilson said.

More than a simple, symbolic gesture though, wasn't this ballot measure the liberal version of Karl Rove's anti-gay legislation in 2004? Since the Defense of Marriage Act already ensured that states without gay marriage recognition would not have to recognize those marriages from other states, the push to get bans on the ballot was really just a way to motivate unenthused Republican voters to get to the polls.

"I realize it's an extreme thing to do, and really silly in a way," said Robert George, 74, a retired photographer. "But I'm really angry about us getting involved in the war in Iraq and him (Bush) disrespecting the will of the people."

Tap that anger and get a vote for your candidate in the meantime. It's all good for geese and ganders.

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