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They'll Be Dancing In The Streets

The Associated Press reported that Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King, citing Barack Obama's heritage, his commitment to pull troops out of Iraq and, of course, his middle name (Hussein) as reasons why Islamic radicals would "dance in the streets" if Obama won the presidency.

CNN this morning aired a clip of Rep. King in which King basically said that Islamic radicals would celebrate much more enthusiastically than they did in the days after 9/11 because they would view Obama's election as a victory for themselves, and he implied that the radicals' work that began on 9/11 would come to a long-awaited fruition.

While many average Muslims might view Obama as an American president who, at the very least, has a basic understanding of the Muslim world (or at least the world outside of Texas) and, thus, might view him as somebody with whom they might develop a positive relationship, I certainly don't think the radicals would be satisfied in any way. I mean, the radicals are killing Muslims day in and day out, and I hardly think that they are going to change their ways just because an American president happens to have the middle name Hussein. Obama has repeatedly stated that he would not hesitate to attack threats to America as they emerge, as would any self-respecting president and he has also said that he would finish the job in Afghanistan. Obama, like most Americans simply doesn't see much point in keeping American troops in the middle of centuries-old conflicts that are really the responsibility of the Iraqis to resolve.

Once again, a Republican has reminded us that we need to live in fear of the prospect of a Democratic president, lest we suffer another 9/11. But, then, perhaps we should expect fear-mongering from somebody named Steve King...

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