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Olbermann Goes After Wal-Mart

Making a run for GLONO's annual Upright Standing Man of the Year award is Keith Olbermann, who has launched a "nightly...indefinite" battle against Wal-Mart in an effort to raise awareness of the fact that the mega-billion dollar company sued a brain damaged employee for $417,000...and won.

Anyone who watched Olbermann's nightly Countdown on MSNBC already knows that he is arguably the most articulate and cutting critic of the Bush administration and that alone is enough to put him in the running for our dopey award. His ongoing feud with Bill O'Reilly is the stuff of satirical dreams and that makes him a finalist. But this most recent display of populist windmill battling might just edge him ahead of George Clooney (GLONO fashion role model—we are aging after all) and the dude who claims to be JFK's long lost illegitimate son. It's early in the year, but keep an eye on The Olbermann.

UPDATE: Wal-Mart Caves

The Olbermann wins again!

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