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One more reason to vote for Obama

As the recent automotive sales results show, things aren't going particularly well for the Detroit Three, and even Toyota's sales headed south in March. Part of the problem—a big part—is predicated on the increasing prices at the pump which, of course, have made people realize that while it might be occasionally nice to have sufficient seating and cargo capacity in your driveway such that Greyhound has nothing on you, it is probably more than slightly excessive when the digits on the pump rise faster than the blood pressure of a former governor in the company of an escort service. Or more simply: SUVs and pickup trucks, the mainstays of the domestics, no longer sell like they once did, and they're not likely to anytime soon. Or later, for that matter. There's trouble in the Motor City, that's trouble with T, which rhymes with P, and that's stands for petroleum. And not just premium.


The law firm Dykema, which undoubtedly has clients in the auto industry, has just completed its "2008 Automotive Survey," in which automotive executives were queried on a number of subjects, including their presidential preferences. When asked, "Which presidential candidate, if elected, will have the most positive impact on the automotive industry?", the lion's share of the respondents answered, not surprisingly, McCain. 70.45% of all gave him the nod. Clinton was second best at 20.45%. Obama came in at a pathetic 9%. When asked their preference as regards their party affiliation, 70% of the claimed Democratic respondents said that Clinton would have the most positive impact, while 92% of the Republicans gave thumbs-up to McCain.

Then the question was, in effect, flipped, to ask, "Which presidential candidate, if elected, will have the most negative impact on the automotive industry?" Here Obama came into his own, with 56.82% naming him. Clinton came in second at 29.55%, and McCain scored the lowest, at 13.64%. According to the Dykema analysis, "In their verbatim responses to the question "why would this candidate have the most negative impact on the industry," respondents point to Obama as more of an unknown, and a candidate who appears naïve on business issues."

Yes, and all of those who have contributed to the tanking of the American economy have been so utterly knowing about "business issues."


Remember all of the fanfare about finally having a CEO president when Bush was sworn in? After 8 years of supposedly "pro-business" policies, you would think the economy would be screaming ahead at full tilt. And it is, for a select few - the price of a barrel of oil has gone up 500 percent since Bush pecame president, which has me wondering if he knew exactly what he was doing all along...

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