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Ooops, She Did it Again!

On Monday, CNN reported that Hillary Clinton will stop including in her campaign speeches a wrenching story of an uninsured pregnant woman who lost her baby due to a lack of proper health care. The story was of a pregnant woman who worked a minimum wage job without health insurance benefits. According to the story, the woman developed complications with her pregnancy, but was denied care at a hospital because she couldn't make a $100 payment. This is certainly a tragic story.

It would be even more tragic if it was true. Apparently, officials at the hospital in the story, after being scrutinized by their local community for allegedly denying care to the woman, have uncovered documents that show that the woman in the story not only had insurance, but received the care that she needed at the hospital.

So, now we have this fabrication right on the heels of Hillary's conveniently misremembered trip to Bosnia back in the 1990's during which she did not come under sniper fire, as she would have had us believe.

The thing is – why make this stuff up? This is a serious issue. There is no shortage of true horror stories to be told by the medically uninsured in America (and told by some insured people as well). How hard is it to simply tell a true story? Even if the story was one concocted by a campaign staffer, do these people really think that they can keep the truth suppressed in the information/internet age?

File this under one more reason not to vote for Hillary.

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