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Post PA: Same As It Ever Was

With the Pennsylvania primary all wrapped up and a win for Clinton in the bag, there are countless analysts and talkingheads dissecting how she did it (she led by 25 pts at one time, so this wasn't an upset) and what it means. But what do the candidates say?

In an email to supporters today, Barack Obama says:

In a state where we trailed by more than 25 points just a couple weeks ago, you helped close the gap to a slimmer margin than most thought possible.

Thanks to your support, with just 9 contests remaining, we've won more delegates, more votes, and twice as many contests.

We hold a commanding position, but there are two crucial contests coming up -- voters will head to the polls in North Carolina and Indiana in exactly two weeks. And we're already building our organization in the other remaining states.

But it's clear the attacks are going to continue, and we're going to continue fighting a two-front battle against John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

From the Hillary camp, a similarly concise and restrained message:

Thanks to you, we won a critically important victory tonight in Pennsylvania. It's a giant step forward that will transform the landscape of the presidential race. And it couldn't have happened without you.

There will be much more to do beginning tomorrow. But tonight, let's just celebrate the fact that you and I are part of a remarkable community of people tough enough, passionate enough, and determined enough to win big when everything is on the line.

So, not a lot of gloating, not a lot of hand wringing. You'd think it was just another day on the campaign trail, and maybe it is. Given the net gains Hillary picked up and the fact that Obama DID cut so deeply into her lead, we're basically where we were yesterday.

On to North Carolina and Indiana!

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