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SC Church Raises Eyebrows With Obama-Osama Sign

Saying he just wants to get people thinking, Jonesville, S.C. pastor Roger Byrd put a new message on the outdoor sign at his church. It reads:

"Obama, Osama, hmm, are they brothers?"

Byrd says the message wasn't meant to by political, but that's simply unbelievable and crosses the line between politics and the special, tax-free, status churches enjoy in this country.

Nevermind the fact that Barack Obama is a Christian (in fact, it was his association with Christian minister Jeremy Wright that's gotten him the most heat lately) or that our Constitution specifically bans a "religious test" for anyone running for public office. It's the sheer stupidity of these statements that rankles me.

When asked if he believes that Barack Obama is Muslim, Byrd said, "I don't know. See it asks a question: Are they brothers? In other words, is he Muslim ? I don't know. He says he's not. I hope he's not. But I don't know. And it's just something to try to stir people's minds. It was never intended to hurt feelings or to offend anybody."

Well, I am not sure John McCain was born on this planet. I mean, he says he was and there's supposedly a birth certificate somewhere backing up his claim, but I haven't seen it and who's to say it isn't forged by alien overlords? Can we be absolutely certain his candidacy isn't a plot to take over our government and turn us all into jellyheads? Can we????

It's shit like this that makes me want to revert back to an elitist system where only the educated land owners get to vote...



What an asshole.

Hunker down, because you know there's more where that came from!

The fact that this type of messaging works deeply, deeply depresses me.

We are talking about South Carolina here. This isn't surprising at all.

For a refreshing review of all things southern, I suggest a visit to: http://www.fuckthesouth.com/

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