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Sullivan: Keep Hope Alive

Andrew Sullivan (my favorite conservative next to my dad) puts some perspective on this whole thing:

I've been struck by how calm Obama seems in the face of all this Clinton drama. It helps to recall that he never expected this to be easy or anything but extremely close. And he's still ahead. And still the overwhelming favorite. Against the biggest brand in Democratic politics as a freshman senator. WIth a little perspective, the calm makes more sense.

Regardless of Pennsylvania, Obama's campaign has been astonishing.



It would have been ridiculous to think that the road would have been easy for Obama. That such a newcomer could mount an effective challenge (if not an eventual victory) against such an established candidate is a testament for people's desires for a fresh perspective.

It will be fun to see what the party establishment does at the convention...

Thanks for the thought D! You're my favorite lib too!!!


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