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A Message from Oregon

This is a message to Superdel holdouts: game over

Barack Obama addresses 75,000 in Oregon

On the eve of a sure blowout in Kentucky, Barack Obama addresses 75,000 supporters in Oregon, a staggering turnout that will dominate the news coverage for the next few days. Sorry Hillary, but a win in the Bluegrass State can't overshadow this. It's another indication of Obama's keen sense of timing in politics. Whenever Clinton has posted a win, he's snuffed it with major endoresement announcements or events that steal her thunder. I like his style.

Bobby Kennedy employed the same tactic in 1968. Party bosses held MUCH more control over primaries and how candidates were picked. Bobby was less-than-popular with that crowd so he had to show that he had overwhelming public support in order to shake the bosses from their preferred picks (LBJ or Gene McCarthy). So he launched his campaign with a pair of HUGE rallies in conservative Kansas. Bad ass! (Here's an excerpt from this Month's Vanity Fair cover story on this very topic)



That's a hell of a crowd. Reminds me of the US Festival in '83...

Love it but the dude has really got to stop making speeches about Americans driving SUVs and keeping their houses at 72 degrees and so the world's gonna be mad at us, etc. Doesn't he remember Jimmy Carter? That shit has got to go, yesterday.

You've got the Whole Foods vote already, Barack! Time to refocus.

Ah, but I think most Americans are actually hoping someone, anyone, will ask them to "do their part." Yes, some waterheads will never give up their Hummers but thy're lost anyhow.

Are you crazy? We're talking about winning an election, here! Asking Americans to sacrifice is box office poison! It's bad mojo! Major party poopage! I mean, we're trying to have Morning in America over here, already!

Ok, that's true.

Alright everyone, grab a Coke and pull up your pant legs. It's break time!

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