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A Modest Proposal

An AP story today by Jim Kuhnhenn describes the perilous economic position in which Hillary Clinton now finds herself. By the end of this month her campaign will be $20 million in the hole, that includes the $11.4 million she personally lent the campaign over the last two months. That kind of debt has a lot of people wondering just what she's up to by continuing this failed venture.

But it's that debt that is compelling her. She's like a gambler who is so far in the red that she needs a BIG win to make up for it, so she keeps throwing in chips. The problems is that she doesn't realize that she can't make up the difference—not ever. The game is over. So what's a gal to do?

Time was that the winning candidate could simply assume the debt of his competition. Back room deals were made to allow the user to exit gracefully as the winner took on his bills.

"That is a normal thing when a candidate finishes a race and loses, the winning candidate would try to help if there's some debt that's been incurred," said Tad Devine, a Democratic consultant who has worked in several presidential campaigns but is unaligned this year.

Finance reform has basically put a stop to that, but the winner CAN implore his supporters to help bail out the loser, and therein lies my proposal:

Senator Clinton, if you drop out of the race tomorrow (we'll grant you this one last win in West Virginia), I promise to contribute a few bucks to help pay down your debt. This is a one time offer. If you continue this campaign past Friday, I'll never contribute a dime to this campaign nor to any future campaign under the Clinton banner.

I am also asking you generous POLJUNK readers to join in my pledge. If nothing else, it'll get the Clintons off TV for the summer.



I got five on it.

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