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Better Late Than Never

Obama Nets Over A Dozen Super-Delegates So Far Today

• Former President Jimmy Carter, who had dropped hints for quite a while that he was for Obama, and officially confirmed the news with the Associated Press.

• South Carolina Congressman John Spratt.

• DNC member Ralph Dawson, from Hillary Clinton's home state of New York.

• Massachusetts DNC member Deb Kozikowski.

• Massachusetts Congressman John Olver.

• DNC member Joyce Beatty of Ohio.

• DNC member Jennifer Dechant of Maine.

• DNC member Maria Chappelle-Nadal of Missouri.

• DNC member Carnelia Fondren of Mississippi.

• DNC member John Perez of California.

• Five Michigan super-dels, who each count as half a vote: Detroit Mayor and DNC member Kwame Kilpatrick, Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, and DNC members Debbie Dingell, Rick Wiener and Joyce Lalonde.

Score: Obama +12.5, Clinton +0.5. According to DemConWatch, Obama now has 2,089.5 delegates to Clinton's 1,917



Apparently, Hillary doesn't yet understand that she has come in a close second. Judging from her speech tonight, it sounds like she still thinks she has a chance.

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