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Fish in a Barrel

I hate to think that our race for the Presidency boils down to style and perceived personality. Heaven knows the "have a beer with" test has doomed us to 8 years of George W. Bush, but a politician's ability to connect on a human and emotional level is key to getting the public's attention. And on that front, Obama is going to clean up on John McCain. Especially if the Old Man's entire campaign staff is busting the same robotic moves as the Senator from Arizona.

Check out this video from McCain's campaign manager that is supposed to inspire--yes, inspire--supporters to engage in a little viral marketing. They are just so out of it I am actually embarassed for the old coot. Seriously, it's painful.

American Neighbor Convention Contest

VIA Talking Points Memo



That was pathetic. Note the the Obama campaign doesn't have to ask people to make videos, his supporters just do it.

Did anybody else notice that the anemic media event that McCain held on Tuesday (the last night of the primaries) featured an audience of perhaps 300 people - older, white-trash-looking people. One would think that on a night that was incredibly important to the Democrats, the Republicans would have at least planned a sizeable rally to counter the arena-sized audience that Obama drew in St. Paul, MN. If this is all the Republicans have, they're in for an ass-wiping in November.

You can bet they planned it, Jude. Nobody showed up.

This is mainly why McCain wants to do these townhall tours with Obama; he wants to ride on some of that wave and get some of that crowd to listen to him. It's a clever move, politically, but also a bit sad.

Actually, I don't see the townhall tour as bad thing. They can show off their stark differences free of any media spin, and Obama will make McCain look like a doddering old fool.

Sure, but this also the ONLY way McCain will ever get to speak in front of that many people. He gets to open for the Beatles.

Well -

1) Aside from astute observers, nobody give a shit about opening acts.

2) There will be no shortage of McCain worship force-fed to us by the MSM. "Boy, McCain sure looks presidential..."

3) I think McCain would unwittingly dig his own grave by doing this type of townhall meeting. He would be taking on Obama in a area in which Obama excels (public speaking).

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