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McCain on Supremes' Habeas Corpus Decision

I hate to think this, but John McCain may be losing his mind. How else am I to take this:

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: I think maybe legislation working with the Congress, which would define more narrowly the habeas corpus rights of people who we have detained. It's very broad right now. At least try to provide some definition of that so we're not ending up in endless lawsuits. Already the detainees have brought suit on diet, on reading material, on all kinds of other things that are certainly not central to what we have detained them for. So I would hope that we could at least do that.

The Supreme Court's recent decision regarding habeas corpus and limitless detention has nothing to do with lawsuits regarding diet and reading materials. Nothing at all. Does he even read the papers or is he that confused about what is going on at GITMO?



Read? Real Republicans don't read. They make their own realities.

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