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Part of Route 20 Renamed for Russert

Longtime readers of POLJUNK might remember a curmudgeon named Mike who used to write for this site. Well, he and I had a heated argument once over Tim Russert. Mike was convinced that Russert was soft on conservatives and disproportionally tough on liberals on Meet the Press. While I think any of us could criticize a particular interview based on our own bias, I have always thought Tim Russert was a fair interviewer who asked tough follow-up questions and was always prepared for his interviews. I also think he was probably a hell of a guy.

So I am glad to see that a portion of Route 20 that runs past the Buffalo Bills stadium was up for renaming in honor of Russert, a native of the area. Sens. Charles Schumer (D-NY), Hillary Clinton (D-NY), and Rep. Brian Higgins (D-NY) are planning to introduce legislation to rename a portion of Route 20 near the Buffalo Bills' stadium after him and I hope it passes.



Umm, I think that might be US 20, not I 20 - the latter runs across Texas and other southern states.

Fixed to read "Route 20"

I always found him to be a relatively fair man in his questions and reporting. I stopped questioning his politics years ago. And that show ain't gonna be the same without him.

whatever Russert's personal qualities were, Meet the Press was and is a cog in the DC institutional propaganda machine. When Dick Cheney's office says that part of their message strategy is putting people on MTP to regurgitate their bullshit, there ain't no doubt, you're getting played.

Russert and MTP, like all of mainstream corporate owned media, had or have a demonstrable bias towards the right wing. Why else would Russert ask Obama to denounce Louis Farrakhan when he has little to no association with the man, but would not ask McCain to denounce white nutballs with whom he has little to no connection?

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