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Absent McCain Bashes Congress Over Recess

I gotta admit: McCain's got balls.

The Arizona Senator took time today to bash his own body of government by deriding Congress for taking a Fourth of July recess before passing a housing bill:

McCAIN: 80-some percent of the American people think the country's on the wrong track. Approval ratings of Congress — I saw one poll, 12 percent, the lowest in 40 years they've been taking these polls.

And meanwhile, what's the answer? Go out on a Fourth of July recess without passing a housing bill.

I mean, look, Americans are fed up, and I understand it.

Pretty tough talk from a guy who hasn't voted on ANYTHING since April, including six votes on the very topic he's mentioning. The long absence evidently puts McCain as the the Senator who plays the most hooky. He's missed over 60% of the votes of the 110th Congress. Even Tim Johnson (D-SD) has missed fewer votes...and he had a brain hemorrage!

VIA ThinkProgress

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