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Obama Ad - New Energy

Earlier today we looked at a new McCain ad and gave it a split decision, leaning toward a fail. Now, we'll look aty Obama's new ad, which also gets mixed marks.

barack Obama - New Energy

Right from the start I can say that McCain's ad looks better. For a guy who gets bashed for being too polished, Obama's ads of late smack of rush jobs and lack some of the sheen you'd expect from such a savvy pol. This ad is more of the same with the same old music bed, graphic sweeps, and images of his rival with juxtaposed with unpopular themes (or personalities, in the case of the president).

But Barack Obama's ad is exactly on message. He calls out the fact that McCain's fantasy gas tax holiday and calls to drill offshore do NOTHING to alleviate the current gas price situation. he also points out McCain's plan to give the oil industry--the most profitable in business history--more tax breaks and subsidies, which is sure to not sit well with Joe Blow when he's paying $4.25 a gallon for gas.

The ad goes further in drawing McCain as Bush Lite and someone who will promote our current President's hugely unpopular initiatives. Bush is like a cinder block around McCain (and the GOP at large) and Obama is just tighetning the chain.

Final grade: C for style; B+ for strategy.

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