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Obama to Accept Nomination Before 75,000

In another example of how brilliantly the Obama campaign can bump their competition's news, the Democratic presumptive nominee blew John McCain's economic policy speech today (actually a rehash of previous statements, but played up as a major announcement) by scheduling his acceptance of the Democratic nomination in the 75,000 capacity Mile High stadium in Denver. That's a double whammy for John McCain as it trumps his speech today and is sure to dominate the news around the date of the Democratic convention in a way he can never top.

It's a page right out of JFK's book, who accepted his party's nomination at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1960. It was an overwhelmig event that illustrated the rising tide of support for the young Senator. It's a show of overwhelming support and goes a long way toward putting Colorado itself into play.



You forgot to mention that the event will be open to the general public. Of course, if you're a Republican, this is just proof of how arrogant Obama is - it's like he thinks he's popular or something.

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