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Ohio Republican Now Proud of Legislation He opposed

Vying for douchebag of the week, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) claims to be "proud" to support the very veterans benefits package he voted against.

Just as President Bush and John McCain tried to spin away from their hugely unpopular opposition to Jim Webb's bill extending educational benefits to veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, Turner is trying to now take credit for supporting the bill now that it's been passed.

Writing in an op-ed for his hometown paper, The Times Gazette in Hillsborough, Ohio:

It is our responsibility to provide [veterans] with more than just recognition for their service: we must also make certain that they have the skills they need to accomplish their next mission once they return to civilian life. That is why I was proud to support recently passed legislation that expanded the Montgomery GI bill to provide more funding for veterans to receive a college education. [...]

With the huge impact the GI bill has had on America and the debt that we all owe our nation's veterans in mind, I was proud to support recent legislation that dramatically expanded the scope and scale of the educational benefits available to our veterans. [...]

I am proud to have supported legislation that will directly provide this benefit for military families and look forward to further working on their behalf in the future.

So, he was against it before he was for it? Or, he's simply a liar.

VIA ThinkProgress

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