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Taibbi on McCain and Religion

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi wonders if McCain can swallow his pride and EVER suck up to the evangelicals who dictate what the Republicans do (and don't do)? That most of these same waterheads have been duped for years now into giving their way of life away so long as the GOP pretends to love baby Jesus is a topic of continual amazement for the sane among us.

Money quote:

The marriage of fundamentalist Christianity and the conservative movement has been a powerful force in world affairs. It has been the best smoke screen the archpriests of supply-side economics could possibly have had, giving Wall Street a populist in with the very people victimized the most by their union-busting, deregulatory policies. It turned out, for decades, that Bible-thumping Americans didn't mind having their jobs shipped to China, so long as someone was worrying about the air supply to Terri Schiavo's brain lump. As political cons go, this was the ultimate gift that kept on giving.


So, what are they to do with John McCain, a man who barely keeps his contempt for the religious right in check? Will they actually vote for this phoney or will John McCain actually do the GOP a favor by losing and finally putting a sliver of separation back into government and religion?

It all had to end sometime, though, and that sometime might be now. Nervous, white, sexually inhibited Protestants with fourth-grade educations are becoming a smaller and smaller share of the country's population, and the Christian right is increasingly frustrated with the Republican Party's failure to transform America into a fundamentalist caliphate. (Forget about abortion: After eight years of Republican rule, Christians can't even put up the Ten Commandments in Alabama without someone bitching about it.) But the last straw just might come down to one Republican politician's personal idiosyncrasies. All the party needed was one more pious, Scripture-quoting, hair-spray-soaked whore to hold this thing together for another four years, and instead they got John McCain. And John McCain may break up three decades of GOP Jesus-flogging simply because he is too afraid to get his forehead wet. Wouldn't that be something?

Yes, indeed it would!

The Moral Majority Christians and the supply-side neocons always represented two of the worst and most vile impulses in the American character — mass, willful ignorance and total, shameless greed.

Oh, that hurts. Taibbi has a way of sticking it to his targets in a ruthless, Hunter S. Thompson-worthy way. God bless him.

In one wing of the ruling-party mansion they housed preachers who transformed the religion of "turn the other cheek" and "go, give away all your possessions to the poor" into a "Christianity" that celebrated shock-and-awe bombing and assault-rifle ownership and decried the progressive income tax as unfair to the propertied class. In the other wing they housed "conservatives" who turned the party of limited government into a giant snooping apparatus, one that borrowed trillions against the future earnings of ordinary taxpayers and sacrificed thousands of lives to snatch a few Middle Eastern oil wells for companies that were rich as hell to begin with.

And that's the most baffling result of this unholy reunion: how have they been able to dupe so many people for so long? To get people to not only vote against their economic interests, but to abandon the very foundation of their moral beliefs? Astonishing!

It was at this low point in the Christian-corporate marriage that John McCain stepped into the breach to wreck the demographic even more. At this critical moment, the party needed a turbocharged con man to revive the old religion, and what they got was an old man with doubts who can barely bring himself to go to church on Sundays. The worst possible scenario. Or the funniest, depending on how you look at things.

Awesome. The whole article deserves a read. Do it now.


I think that the Terri Shciavo episode is the event that marks the turning point of the average joe / independent voter away from the Republicans. Talk about government interference in personal / family afairs! Now, as the Bush nightmare dwindles and its legacy of failure burns brighter every day, one would think that the GOP would be finished for a long, long time.

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