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Biden's Speech

People still nervous that Barack's campaign isn't being tough enough on McCain or that the Biden pick was less than inspiring should watch his speech from last night.

On the campaign trail, the VP nominee's job is to bolster any perceived weakness of the presidential candidate and to act as attack dog, allowing the boss to stay above the fray. This latter point is even more true if you're running a "positive" campaign of change v. a demonizing campaign of the opposition. Biden is perfect for this role. And I cannot wait to see the debates.



Fuckin awesome!

I watched Biden live last night. I thought he delivered a solid speech that detailed the core differences between Obama's and McCain's views. However, many pundits were saying that Biden didn't deliver enough "red meat" and that the speech was restrained in its criticizm of McCain. I wonder what speech they were watching???

Biden certainly showed his claws last night. Great speech. I can't wait to see who he gets to go toe to toe with in the Veep debate. I'd love to see him mop the floor with Lieberman, but the sportsman in me thinks Biden vs. Romney would be a hell of a bout.

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