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McCain Collecting from "Broken" Social Security System

McCain's been making a lot of hot air of late about the "disgrace" that is the Social Security system in America. That workers today pay the benefits of retirees seems to strike him as patently unfair and unacceptable. nevermind the fact that the system has ALWAYS worked that way. Who does he think paid for the very first retiree's benefits?

But now we find that the old coot has been collecting his own benefits. In 2007, McCain received $23,157 in benefits from Social Security, despite his claim that the system is "broken," according to the San Francisco Business Times. That's $1,390 a month to a sitting US Senator and benefactor of his wife's multi-million dollar beer business. In 2006, McCain's wife Cindy earned $6 million, and has a net worth of approximately $100 million. The guy flies on a PRIVATE JET, for heaven's sake!

So, will McCain return this "disgraceful" money? Don't count on it, but it does raise the idea of a means test for retirees. Social Security is meant to be a safety net, not a retirement plan. I think it's disgraceful that multi-millionaires apply for and then receive Social Security benefits. Put a cap on that nonsense.

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To be fair, McCain "earned" his Social Security benefits by paying Social Security taxes all his life. Same as Warren Buffett.

I do like your idea of means testing Social Security, though. If Social Security is truly "insurance", then you should only collect it when you need it, right? You don't collect on your health insurance unless you're sick. You don't collect on your car insurance unless you get in an accident. You don't collect on your life insurance unless you die. You don't collect on your homeowners insurance unless your house is damaged.

But politicians are continual hypocrites. The Democrats are no better. They complain about tax cuts for the wealthy. Like Warren Buffett and his 18% tax rate. Or Teresa Heinz and her 14% tax rate. Or John Edwards dodging Medicare taxes by taking dividends from his law firm instead of a salary. But you don't see them lining up to "return" that money, do you?

No, but Social Security is an entitlement, so while dodging taxes is one thing, collecting benefits is yet another. And I totally agree that the tax code should be fixed.

As far "earning" your benfits goes, I think you're comparison to insurance is closer to what it should be. If conservatives are so concerned about the solvency of SS then perhaps the agency should adopt a similar formula as profitable insurance companies that examines need rather than automatic entitlement. I am all for setting the bar high, but millionaires collecting SS checks seems asinine to me.

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