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McCain's Dangerous Novelty Act

Let's assume it was the idea of his handlers.

John McCain's vice presidential "selection," Sarah Palin.

Be disturbed, be very disturbed.

These are people playing at the highest levels. And if this self-professed "hockey mom" is what they think is fit for holding the presidency, then it is bizarre how far the polity has evidently fallen.

The points seem to be that because McCain is old and Obama isn't, they'd pick someone younger. Palin is 44. That because Hillary didn't get the nomination, a gender selection would be a leg up on the Dems. That because Joe Biden is seemingly a "regular guy" McCain needs someone who is far more regular than he—and not only as regards his bodily function.

McCain has repeatedly pointed out throughout his campaign, in the primaries and after, that this is a world that is increasingly troubled and dangerous, that it is a place where the people who make decisions need to be well versed in geopolitics.

And so they pick a woman who has been the mayor of a small city in Alaska and who has spent two years as the state's governor.

Alaska has a total population of 670,000 people. The entire state has the population of Memphis, Tennessee.

And somehow they think that Sarah Palin, because of her conservative credentials that make the evangelicals happy, because of her gender which ostensibly will make some of the Hillary partisans happy, because of her comparative youth (born February 11, 1964), is fit to run the country?

If it wasn't so scary, it would be a bad joke.



How is her lack of experience different than Obama's?

Since she was chose yesterday I've heard more and more Democrats question her experience. To me that is laughable.

I want to know how Obama has so much more than her?

I say one of the main Republican debate points on Obama (lack of experience) is now dead. And Democrats should be grateful for that as that was a definite sore point in the campaign.

Let's not forget that "experience" is more than something based on winning an election. Seems to me that if we were hiring someone for a job, the resume of Obama would certainly be somewhat more impressive (Columbia, Harvard, Univeristy of Chicago) than Palin's (University of Idaho).

Quoth Bill Maher: "It's the Maverick and the MILF!"

Tim: Let's be fair here. Neither of these persons has "no" experience. It isn't like they graduated from college yesterday.

Obama has 4 years in the US Senate (Illinois is the 5th most populous state at over 12 million); a few years in the Illinois state legislature; before that he taught law at the University of Chicago; and he served as President of the Harvard Law Review (that's not a gig that they give to lightweights).

On the Republican side, Palin has been the Governor of Alaska (Alaska is the 48th most populous state at just over 600,000 - that's about the number of people who pass through Chicago's O'Hare Airport in about 3 days) for a whopping 2 years after being mayor of Wasilla, a town of less than 10,000 for 6 or 8 years. No word on whether that's a full-time job (yes, I've been searching the 'net, but to no avail so far). To be fair, Palin has a BS in communications from the rigorous University of Idaho. She was also the 1984 Miss Wasilla and later she was the runner-up in the Miss Alaska pageant. Oh, and she's a life-long member of the NRA and she's quick with an assault rife. Now, THAT's experience!!!

But, you're right in that the Republicans have kind of shot themselves in the foot on the Experience issue, especially when McCain, at 72, has been treated for cancer and IS old, whether you like that talking point or not. Should McCain become incapacitated or die, we would have a "hockey mom" for President. Is that what we really want?

Never mind that experience all by itself says nothing. I work with some people who have years of experience in their jobs and they're worthless. George W. Bush has almost 8 years of experience as President of the US and I wouldn't vote for him for dog-catcher. Don Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and Dick Cheney all had years of experience and they made one shitty decision after another. What did their experience (dating back to the 1970s) buy us? - an ill-advised war with no exit plan. Fantastic!!!

If I have a choice between a known value that is equal to the disaster that has been the Bush Administration and an unknown value that promises to change the status quo, I'll go with the latter.

I just didn't like the Democrat's knee jerk reaction to her when she was chosen, thats all.

For months, my liberal friends and I have defended Obama and his "light" resume with the whole political experience issue doesn't matter. The conservatives say he isn't ready, I say he's brilliant at unifying the country and selling his ideas on what he wants to do with America. We could sit here and name plenty of Presidents and VP's who had light resumes (the brilliant Lincoln being one of them).

Thus, when Palin was chosen liberals immediately began nailing her on that very same experience issue. It then turns into a pissing match of "My candidate is smarter than your candidate" debate.

We don't need that. Who cares that he's just a one term senator or that she's been governor for only 2 years?

And you know Republicans are already claiming she has more 'executive' experience than Obama... obviously thats ridiculous as well (but true in theory).

I say lets get back to the issues and focus on the future direction of our country...rather than make fun of her because she went to the University of Idaho or that she comes from a state ranked 48th in population (Biden's is 45th by the way...) That type of condenscending elitism...turns away independents.

Hit her up on her conservative views and what her and McCain will do to the country.

Points well taken, Tim.

I think the main reason people took McCain to task for picking Palin was because his campaign had made such a big deal about Obama being a relative newcomer and who does McCain pick to run with but another newcomer. It's pretty hypocritical.

I'd love to make this about the issues, but I think the reality is that American presidential elections are little more than popularity contests. How else can we explain the (s)election of Bush 43?

For that matter, I don't really see what she brings to the McCain camp. She is a RADICAL right-winger. Perhaps she will attract a few folks who think McCain is a closet liberal, but those people would probably have ended up voting for McCain anyway even if they would have to hold their noses when they did it. She might drive away as many people as she attracts - those pictures of her bustin' off some rounds with an assault rifle aren't gonna sit well with a whole lot of people.

If Palin plays the "I eat mooseburgers" card too much she risks looking like a backwoods hick. That might play well in Appalachia, Montana, and Alaska, but most people don't know what the hell a moose that isn't Bullwinkle even looks like.

There is nothing elist pointing out the size of Alaska and her education. Let's face it: Alaska has less in common with the lower 48 than many would like to think; consequently, Delaware is far more relevant. As for where she went to school is also important inasmuch as we are talking about governing the most powerful nation on the planet, and consequently the intellectual capabilities of the person in power has more than passing interest. McCain, who described Palin as his "partner and soulmate" on "Fox News Sunday," clearly picked his running mate for the most venal political reasons, and given that she accepted, her total resume is an open question. Whatever level of "elitism" that Obama has achieved was certainly earned, so that is also something that needs to be brought to the fore.

Soulmate??? What - McCain had met her like once before offering her the VP spot?

Oh boy...

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