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Olbermann: Biden for VP

Keith Olbermann, employing some informed guessing and quick math, has narrowed down the Obama VP pick to Joe Biden. As a big fan of Smokin' Joe I'll be watching this closely. The dude has major foreign policy bona fides and would be the perfect attack dog for Obama, he also carries some political baggage. What do you all think?



I've long thought Biden to be a wise choice, if not a solid presidential candidate himself.

A little birdy told me Wes Clark may be chosen. This should be fun to watch.

Biden has always made a lot of sense to me. I'd rather see him in the Sec. of State role because it's just such a natural fit, and I don't see what he brings to the campaign itself.

I don't like the idea of Wesley Clark just because it's too reminiscent of the obvious tropes of the last election: "Get someone from the military!" Yes, Clark is a former general, and Southern, but I think dems make a mistake by appearing so calculating. I'm not sure what kind of votes he can pull.

I've nothing against him, though, and he'd make a fine VP.

I like Biden. But he's from Delaware. Isn't there anybody good in Ohio, Michigan, or Virginia?

I think Wes Clark is a bad idea. He was basically relieved of his command and the going rumor was based around issues of "integrity." All very vague, mind you, but you can bet the issue would be blasted from here to eternity should he be the pick.

He also has no natural fan base, but with Obama pulling 75,000 at rallies, I don't know if that's such an issue.

I've always liked Biden as Sec of State as well but could totally see him in the VP role too. He brings a bit of gravitas to the campaign and, again, is a sharp attack dog. He'd KILL in debates.

As for someone from Michigan, Ohio, or Virginia...the closest named contenders seem to be Evan Bayh (Indiana, so close but not quite) and Jim Webb who also has a fair amount of baggage, especially with women. Just google his name and "Tailhook" and prepare for a spit take when you read some of his quotes from the time.

Anyhow, the clock is ticking and we should know soon who it'll be.

Don't get me wrong. I like the Biden pick.

But I'll throw Sibelius in there too. That might give him the Hill fan base. Big time.

Webb took himself out of the running, but he'd have been an inspired choice. He's also made up for controversial things he's said. He's someone to watch.

I was going to mention that Clark has next to zero credibility with actual military types: "The Perfumed Prince" was his nickname. I've liked the things I've heard from him, but can't say I know too much more about him.

Bayh, Sebelius...is Richardson still in there?

I liked Richardson until I learned that he is eyeing the Great Lakes as a source of water for golf coursed in NM and AZ.

Back the fuck off the Great Lakes, yo.

So do we have a pool going on here? I'll put $20 on John Kerry...it will be the great political 'comeback story' of the year, sort of a Democrat version of Nixon's comeback in the '60s.

Oh shit, Tim. I didn't even think of Kerry. Hmmm...that is interesting. Given his weak response to Swift Boaters in 2004 do you think he can act in that attack dog mode, especially in the debates? Now, I think he smoked Bush in the debates, don't get me wrong, but for some reason the media gave him a split decision. I have to wonder if it's because he didn't draw shapr enough distinctions, which Biden can do better than just about anybody. That dude knows how to cut to the quick.

Well, any follow up, DP, now that the word has been put out? (Oh, and Barack, thanks for waking me up at 2:45am to let me know.) Or are we waiting for a big, big, big article, RE: DNC?

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