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Pouting PUMAs

So there are people who voted for Hillary. Supported Hillary. Are committed to Hillary. And now they're pissed off at Obama. He won. She didn't. But they feel she's been dissed. Slighted. Not given her due. So now some of them are in Denver. They're proclaiming "Party Unity My Ass." Others of them are doing ads for McCain.

What's wrong with these people?

It all seems to come down to some sort of notion that can be encapsulated as "It was her time."

Um, last I checked, this is a place where we get to decide by casting ballots whether it is someone's "time" or not. Maybe they missed that part of their Civics class.


Couldn't it be argued that it was Bill Richardson's time? Or Chris Dodd's time? Or Dennis Kucinich's time? Or John Edwards's time—well, maybe not his, as he was busy taking care of some other business.

It is really rather sad. If they believe in equal rights, then isn't there an equal right to lose, just like those other guys?

Aren't these Hillary supporters actually pushing back their cause immeasurably? Aren't they feeding into the characterization of "girls" as "crybabies"?

"Hillary should have been vetted for veep!" they insist. Did it not occur to them that if anyone didn't need to have vetting it was Hillary? The woman has been under a microscope since her husband was first elected. Many people in McCain's party were going after her with anything they could get their hands on—remember Vince Foster, for example?—so if there were any skeletons in her closet, they were long on the scene.

She lost. She tried. She failed. That's the way it works.

So now they're going to support McCain? And how, precisely, does that make sense vis-à-vis changing the type of person who has been in office since the days of George Washington?

Pathetic, really.

To be sure, they can vote for whomever they choose. And should McCain win, they can feel really proud of themselves.

But I wonder: If you need to pout, do you need to be in the arena?


I would bet that a considerable portion of the PUMAs's are really Operation Chaos types who were gonna vote Repub. anyway. They see a value in "dividing" the Dems. Of course, they aren't really dividing anything, since they're Repubs to begin with, but it looks nice on TV.

Some of those PUMAs might be cougars, tho!

If Obama's inexperience is that big an issue, they I guess they can vote McCain with a clear conscience. I understand that; given the choice between Hillary or McCain, I might've gone for McCain.

If they're mad just because Hillary lost, they are too stupid to vote.

I hear all this stuff about how poorly Hillary was treated (the subtext being that "a man would never be treated this way!") Ha! welcome to politics.

They should be proud that Hillary gave such a good fight.

But the whole idea behind Obama's campaign was that many of us didn't want another Clinton presidency and we're tired of their presumptive dominance of the party. Hello! That's why she wasn't considered for VP.

HA! Let's not confuse PUMAs and MILFs.

I was thinking about this as I was getting ready this morning and listening to NPR interview Clinton backers at the convention. Mind you, these are PARTY people; Democratic delegates on the convention floor who were saying they weren't sure if they would support Obama if Hillary didn't get what they deemed the appropriate amount of respect at the convention.

That means they'd rather have a man who has called for the reversal of Roe v. Wade, has voted against Equal Work/Equal Pay legislation, and has a horrible record on other women's health issues, than vote for the guy who beat their candidate but represents more of their interests. Amazing.

If Obama loses and a sizeable number of women who would have normally voted Dem switch instead of voting Obama then I will cast them out with all the Nader-ites who gave us 8 fucking years of Bush.

This party is full of children.

It's like quibbling about how uncomfortable the lifeboats are when you're on the fucking Titanic!

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