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Swift Boat THIS!

In an immediate response to an ad being funded by the old Swift Boat gang that links Obama to 60's ex-Weatherman Bill Ayers, Obama hits back hard and fast.

"With all our problems, why is John McCain talking about the sixties, trying to link Barack Obama to radical Bill Ayers?" it says, suggesting that McCain himself is behind the Ayers spot. "McCain knows Obama denounced Ayers' crimes, committed when Obama was just eight years old."

TPM has the video.

This whole Bill Ayers things is such hot air, but so was the Swift Boat nonsense of 2004. It looks like Team Obama has learned a lesson that you have to respond swiftly and strongly to even the most asinine assertions, lest they become part of the narrative. Do NOT let the opposition frame your candidate.

The strength of the ad is good (not great, mind you, but good), but the response time is amazing. This response ad started airing--in some markets--the same day as the original attack ad. That's bad ass and shows a tough approach to these clowns.

The Ayers ad:



What the hell is up with the Right's fascination with the 1960's? That shit is OVER! McCain is much more a product of the 1960's than Obama is.

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