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Toby Keith Backs Obama

From the "huh...who knew?" files: Country singer Toby Keith backs Barack Obama and says he's a Democrat to boot.

While promoting his new movie "Beer for My Horses," Keith seemed to throw his support to the Senator from Illinois.

"So as far as leadership and patriotism goes, I think it's really important that those things have to take place," he told the AP. "And I think he's the best Democratic candidate we've had since Bill Clinton. And that's coming from a Democrat."

Is he being sincere or just media savvy? No question that his claim to be a Democrat has people (like me) talking, so is that just smart marketing of his movie?



I've actually heard this before - like a few years ago.

On some of the left-leaning blogs there has been some criticism of Keith's sometimes politically incorrect pontifications, such as his belief that one of the reasons why Obama is popular is that he doesn't "talk black." While Keith might have chosen better words, he might also have a point - in more erudite circles people do, in fact, marvel at Obama's oratory skills.

Whatever one might think of Keith, his attitudes are probably fairly representative of a large portion of rural white America. It might be wise for the Democratic strategists to take a look at Keith and try to figure out why he is attracted to the Democratc Party, such as he is, and try to sell those points to rural white folks.

Even back when he was puttin' boots up terrorist asses, Toby Keith claimed to be a democrat. He's an old school blue collar populist style democrat.

I'm not sure what you sell those folks, other than "Your job is safe and I'm going to put my foot up terrorist asses!"

While promoting his new movie...

Toby Keith knows how to promote Toby Keith.


i think the Democrats need to dig up the ghosts of FDR and Truman. Get a little Woody Guthrie/Steinbeck type of marketing going... kind of a "A Call for the Regular American" - the farmer/union type.

I think Democrats come off as too elitist sometimes... and the south hates the liberal elitism thing and being talked down to.

I think that is where Obama is starting to win these types of people...by his great oratory skills and his way of charming the crowds.

Also, if they reversed themselves on abortion...that might help too...

"Also, if they reversed themselves on abortion...that might help too..."

Personal beliefs on choice aside, I think you're totally right. That single issue does more to define the two parties in many people's minds. If they stopped and thought about it, there's no fucking way poor southerners would support the Republican party. It is simply economic suicide, but the abortion issue trumps all for many people and they stick with the GOP.

As you know the same hold true the other way around, DP. A big moneymaker for both parties as long as things stay status quo.

I grew up in the south. I could name 10 people offhand who are and always will be Pro-Life and that single issue is what keeps them in the Republican camp.

Otherwise they would be Democrats.

of course it works both ways, but it does explain why it is such a huge wedge issue that each side hammers the other with and why groups in the south "vote against their interests."

"Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain enjoys a 16-point lead 51 percent to 35 percent among Southern voters over rival Democratic U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, a new poll by Winthrop University and ETV shows.

And, the further into the South you go, the larger McCain's lead grows, the poll of likely voters in 11 Southern states shows."

Can we please stop calling these people "pro-life?" Given their lust for guns, capital punishment, and war, they are anything but pro-life. They are anti-abortion.

That said, strategically, the Democrats might be better off adopting an anti-abortion stance. Then there would be virtually NO reason for many people to vote Republican. It's not like abortion would simply vanish because of some law - it would just go underground.

Well, since you brought it up, I have often felt frustrated enough to wish Roe were overturned and abortion returned to the states for an actual democratic vote.

Sure, some states would probably make it illegal. But my guess is after a short while they'd realize what that meant in real life (instead of all this damned demagoguery) and there'd be a groundswell of candidates who would legalize it. Then it could be codified for real, and people wouldn't have a court decision to kick around anymore.

In the meantime, women would be forced underground to make private medical decisions...

I don't think it will ever be overturned. If anything there will be continuing restrictions on it...partial birth, infant born alive act... as well there should be) i am Pro-choice by the way.

If there is any issue that will get people to demonstrate and line the highways down there (besides pro-troop rallies), its abortion. I've seen many of them myself, usually organized by Catholics or Baptists.

Its why many people went Republican in the 80s in areas that HATED republicans for years and years.

Another point to consider is that is a big rallying point for Republicans on Obama who is by far the most liberal on abortion. Watch that point come up in the future debates.

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