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Dems should Cry FOUL!

A reader at Talking Points Memo has some advice for team Obama and how they should be talking about the current economic crisis:

One metaphor the Democrats don't use, that I think of over and over when I hear Obama speak about the need for regulation: the markets operate like team sports -- like say, a football game. Team sports don't operate well without referees, and that's exactly what's happened under the Republicans.

They can blame Clinton all they want -- the fact is, the Republicans under leadership of such brain trusts as Phil Gramm have methodically removed the referees from the games, and look what's happened. One of the primary reasons investors shy away from putting money into third world countries is an ABSENCE OF REGULATION.



But isn't congress supposed to provide the checks-n-balances needed so the Executive Branch doesn't dominate government control? Shouldn’t Congress serve as a referee? If you ask me the entire system is outdated and broken. Sorry if you’re a Constitutionalist.

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