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Marshall: McCain Has Everything to Lose

Though not one himself, Josh Marshall sums up the feelings of so many conservative Democrats and moderate Indies who used to support (or at least sympathize with) John McCain:

My verdict may be a severe one but I think a lot of people -- a lot of former admirers -- are coming around to agreeing with the general outlines. McCain has revealed himself as a liar well outside the permissive standards applied to politicians. He's shown himself to be reckless to the point of instability, repeatedly putting the country at risk (exploiting the Georgia crisis, picking Palin, storming the bailout negotiations) for transparently self-serving reasons. And in too many ways to count, he's conducted his campaign in disgraceful and dishonorable ways.

McCain has been willing to gamble so much for this campaign, not the least of which is his legacy. If he loses the presidency, he's likely to lose it all.



I think Marshall is right. For a long time, I regarded McCain as more likeable than not (as far as Republicans go), but the more attention I pay, the more I wonder what I was ever thinking. His performance in recent months has gotten shakier by the day. At what point does "maverick" simiply mean erratic?

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