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Media Finally Gets Tough with Palin?

I am absolutely intrigued by the McCain campaign's insistence that Sarah Palin not face tough questions. I really have to wonder what they're afraid she'll say. How much confidence can they have in her ability if she can't face the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal? And how long will the press put up with it?

The Politico reports today that the media may have finally reached their limit and that there's talk (finally) of a media boycott of her UN appearances. And what finally broke the camel's back? The campaign won't even allow ONE print reporter at those cheesy glorified photo-ops called a "pool spray," which sounds disgusting anyways.

According to Politico, "the imbroglio began developing Tuesday morning when Palin's handlers informed the small print press contingent covering her campaign that the print reporter designated to cover the events, Elizabeth Holmes of the Wall Street Journal, would not be allowed to cover the sprays."

We're talking about shielding Palin from the mere possibility that Holmes could shout out a question—one that Palin could actually choose to ignore, like so many politicians do in these situations. Do they think she can't even handle that?

"The campaign also at first moved to bar CNN, the television network designated for pool duty, from sending its editorial producer – basically a hybrid print/video journalist – though the campaign budged when the network threatened to withhold its cameras as well."

All of these networks should withhold all cameras and reporting on these dopey events until Palin sits down to unedited, live to tape interviews with serious political reporters. Access goes two ways, dummies.



It's simple, really. Palin is an idiot and the last thing the Republicans need is her getting tripped up in public. They would do much better just to send a film crew out with her while she shoots furry woodland creatures - the whole while she can look into the camera and babble on about fambly values, her executive experience as mayor of Wasilla (a part-time job) and the impending End of Days. This would do much more to endear her to white-trash America than to expose her to the Mean Old Libeal Media with their unfair questions.

This is a best thing yet: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/23/campbell-brown-rips-mccai_n_128782.html

Throw that co-opted (fake) feminism back in their faces. Brilliant!

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