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Palin Fires the Base

Catching a late re-run of the Palin speech since I was traveling today and I have to say it is MUCH more sarcastic and mean-spirited than I anticipated. As I noted in an earlier post, two of the main functions the VP candidate fills are to bolster perceived weaknesses and to act as attack dog for the presidential candidate. Well, she certainly has the latter down and you can bet the sparks will fly at the VP debates, but her speech lacked any sort of substance of any sort. It was pure red meat for the red state crowd, and maybe that was by design. Where the Democrats' convention was an attempt to widen the audience and shave off some independents from McCain, the Republicans were focusing solely on firing up the base and in that, Palin more than did her job.

But what happens when the rest of the country starts paying attention and all they get from the GOP is petty, snarky put downs and shrill complaints about the lack of drilling?



Ah, this is more like it. The GOP will attack Obama, but have little of substance to offer that can't be refuted. Without a base to play the GOP Greatest Hits to, let's hope the nimbler minds of Obama and Biden can rip the seams out of their rhetorical balloons and present a positive alternative (as in, something better than "We're not Bush.")

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