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Palin Will Not Cooperate with Investigation

Reversing her position (AKA: flip flopping) that she'd cooperate with the investigation into her alleged abuse of power by pressuring officials to fire a state trooper who'd been married to her sister, Sarah Palin announced that she would now actually NOT cooperate. Actually, she didn't announce anything, the McCain campaign announced it. Interesting in itself, no?

Claiming the investigation has been "tainted" by undue influence from Barak Obama's campaign, The Palin-McCain announced today that the governor would not be available for interview or in any way cooperating with the investigative panel made up of three Republicans and two Democrats.

Former Palin Press Secretary Meg Stapleton told reporters in Anchorage that the investigation has been "hijacked" by "Obama operatives" for the Democratic presidential nominee -- namely, Alaska state Sen. Hollis French, the Democratic lawmaker managing the investigation and an Obama supporter. French has denied working on behalf of the Obama campaign.

The Obama campaign responded by calling Palin's reaction "complete paranoia."

This is a quick reversal from her previous vows to cooperate, the latest of which came just last week during her ABC interview with Charlie Gibson.

"There's nothing to hide," she said. "I know that Todd, too, never pressured Commissioner Monegan. He did, very appropriately, though, bring up those concerns about a trooper [Wooten] who was making threats against the first family, and that is appropriate."

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