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Protesters Charged with "Acts of Terrorism"

Anyone still wondering whether the USA Patriot Act, or the arguments used to implement it, might be misused or expanded beyond it's "original intent" need look no further than Minneapolis. Eight protesters at the RNC were charged with conspiracy to commit a terrorist act yesterday in Minnesota for their roles in planning disruptions at the Republican Convention there. Their plans included disruption of traffic and other measures of civil disobedience. So, in today's United States of America, acts of political and civil protest are now considered terrorism. Take that, Boston Tea Party planners and Civil Rights marchers!



Soon, the cops will be able to arrest you because they think you might commit a crime someday. Then we'll be really safe!

Disruption of traffic? Indecent public display of the peace sign? Does their hatred for America know no bounds?

These "protesters" aren't you're father's protesters promoting peace and love. They weren't there to protest anything but to cause a riot.

"The group allegedly had considered barricading bridges, spraying delegates with urine and possibly kidnapping delegates."

Thats not really protesting. Thats what "anarchists" do...cause havoc and damage for no reason but to hurt people.

Of course the terrorism charge is horseshit too. I'm sure "Assault with Urine" is a better charge, haha.

But the article headline is misleading calling these people protesters when really they aren't protesting anything but there to cause damage.

Its guys like these that hurt the whole protest process.

Well, that's a lot of blanket statements, Tim. Among those arrested and charged were reporters from Democracy Now and other left leaning media, as well as peaceful civil disobdients. Sure, there were anarchists and general knuckleheads in the mix (along with a few instigators, to be sure). But the point is that people protesting the convention (whatever their motivation) were rounded up and charged with felony terrorist action. That's horseshit, as you say.

My comments were in reference to what this particular group (The RNC Welcoming Committee) was planning on doing, thats all. Dumping urine on people, kidnapping delagates...that can't be good.

But I certainly agree with you on the felony terrorism thing.

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