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Sarah Palin's Executive Experience "Not Rocket Science"

While Republican Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin might have sequestered herself from the press, that hasn't stopped the press from investigating Palin's history. The Seattle Times has a great investigative piece on her tenure as the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (a part-time job). Palin won the mayorship with 616 votes. Plain often touts her mayorship as the kind of executive experience that qualifies her for the Vice-Presidency of the United States, a qualification that both men on the Democratic ticket, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, lack. Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain doesn't have any formal executive experience either – no word from Palin as to how qualified this makes McCain.

The Seattle Times article is worth a read to get a feel for just what kind of executive Palin was in her service of the good people of Wasilla. (It's not pretty.) Here are a few jewels:

Note: Shortly after being elected, Palin requested resignation letters from all Wasilla municipal department heads; she would later decide which to accept.

"...a story in the Frontiersman noted that Palin was saying personnel changes were likely. "When asked how she would run the city without experienced department heads, she responded, 'It's not rocket science. It's $6 million and 53 employees.' "


"Wasilla's Police Chief, Irl Stambaugh, 'was 6-foot-2, 240 pounds. Because he'd heard that Palin had felt intimidated by him during a meeting, he made sure to sit when talking with her, and to use a soothing voice.'"

"Palin had twice asked this librarian what she thought about banning books, to which the librarian responded it was a lousy idea, one she wouldn't go along with. Later, Palin told the local paper that any questions she'd raised about censorship were only 'rhetorical.'"

"After Stambaugh and the museum director were fired, two of the four remaining department heads quit. One, the public-works director, accused Palin of undermining him by meeting secretly with contractors and employees."

"When three women who worked at the city's museum were asked to decide among themselves which one should be let go, all three quit."

To be fair, I'm not sure if the Vice President needs to be well versed in actual rocket science. At least she isn't gunning for a position as the head of NASA.

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