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What Would YOU Ask Sarah Palin?

Republican VP pick Sarah Palin will FINALLY face questions from the media this Thursday by way of a televised interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson. The Politico has gathered a bunch of questions from a variety of pols, pundits, academics, lobbyists, and others from both sides of the aisle.

I like Democratic strategist Mark Mellman's idea, "...And of course Campbell Brown's brilliantly simple question, "Name one military command decision you have made as Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard." Since Governors have no authority over guard units deployed overseas, this would be a peach.

Mickey Edwards, Princeton lecturer and former Republican congressman has a good one too:

During your speech at the Republican National convention you won a lot of applause from your criticism of liberals for wanting to read suspected terrorists their rights. The Constitution says the right of habeas corpus cannot be suspended except in case of insurrection or invasion and even then, it is within the authority of the congress, not the president, to decide whether to suspend habeas corpus. Your comments left the impression that you're willing to ignore that provision of the Constitution. Is that right?

Of course, there are some softballs thrown in like this puffer from Kevin McCarthy, Rep. (R-Calif.):

Why do you think Barack Obama has joined the Democratic political personalities, like James Carville, in personally attacking you as the VP nominee?"
I can answer that one, Kevin. It's fucking POLITICS!

What would you ask Sarah Palin?



Ask her if she believes we are near The End of Days and ask her how that might influence her decision-making as Commander-in-Chief (since that would be a very real possiblity given McCain's age).

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