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Early Polls Give Debate to Biden

The early polls are trickling in and they all give a win to Joe Biden.

Biden: 46%
Palin: 21%
Tie: 33%

Biden: 51%
Palin: 36%

TPM also points out this nugget from the CNN poll:

While a startling 84% said Palin did better than expected, it still wasn't enough for her to clear her basic hurdle tonight: Only 46% said she's qualified to serve as president, up only four points from before the debate. And a clear majority, 53%, say she is not qualified.

Now, these are "snap" polls and draw from a pretty small pool of voters so take all of this with a grain of salt, but they do serve as an early indication of how people felt, and more importantly, help to develop the press narrative



Caribou Barbie didn't soil her panites on national television (not that she hasn't delivered speeches with messy panties...) = Victory!

They both pretty much did what they set out to do. Biden far outclassed her foreign policy-wise (and like you guys, I'm just partial to the guy). Palin played to her base and "undecided"s pretty well. How it will help poor McCain, though, I don't know. I do know Palin is a natural and a star much like Obama was a few years ago. But Obama got his "shedding" time.

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