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Hannity Launches Character Assassination

In what is either an incredible coincidence or a coordinated effort to smear Barack Obama as a friend to terrorists, Fox News' Sean Hannity debuted an hour-long special called "A History of Radicalism" that is overflowing with incredible insinuation, bizarre assumptions, and outright lies that paint Barack Obama as a treasonous radical who is hell bent on taking down the United States of America. Everyone you'd expect to see is there: Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Tony Rezko...but the lengths to which Hannity and Fox News goes to connect Obama with these people borders on slander.

Does anyone believe that it's mere coincidence that Sarah Palin unveiled the McCain campaign's new meme that also casts Obama as "pals with terrorists?" ANYONE who still considers Fox News to be a legitimate news organization is a dip shit. Plain and simple.

More to come on this...



The whole tie-Obama-to-Ayers is most definitely a concerted effort. Oh how they wish Rev. Wright hadn't been so 6 months ago. Now they are forced to show pictures of a nerdy white 60's ter-rist while intoning innuendo.

They've got to be running scared.

Never mind that Caribou Barbie is actually MARRIED to an avowed secessionist. Talk about contempt for America.

Listen up. I am a democrat and know that no one in the military or civilian leadership would be given a clearance with this guy's background. Ayers and Rezko, Wright and Farrakahn. Need I say more folks. DO you really believe the Feds would allow an average citizen a clearance if they had this guy's background. HELL NO! He is a radical. And if that doesn't get you going what about the campaign manager who had a photo of Hugo Chavez in their campaign office last summer.... Start thinking... radical OBama

Hi, mega,

First of all, I highly doubt that you're a democrat. It is more likely that you work for the McCain campaign and you have been assigned blog detail, given your canned, tired, and utterly irrelevant GOP talking points. That said, I think Obama had been granted all the clearances he might possibly need.

Thanks for playing.

Someone who clearly does not understand how security clearances are assigned.

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