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Johnny Red

The latest McCain Campaign tactic has been to paint Barack Obama as a socialist because he wants to repeal Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and re-target them to the middle class, but who's the real pinko here?

Today, ExxonMobil shattered records by reporting a $14.83 billion profit, just in the third quarter. Campaigning in Ohio, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) declared that when he's President, "we're not gonna let that happen."

What are you going to do? Nationalize oil companies and then set their prices? That doesn;t sound like the free wheelin' free market McCain he's been claiming to be the last two months. Of course, he wants to nationalize bad mortgages so this should be so surprising and already voted to nationalize failing banks.

But then when Larry When King asked McCain last night if "taxes pay for services," McCain contradicted his claim that the graduated income tax wasn't about "taking from one group of Americans and giving to another." "Taxes pay to keep our government secure, to help those who can't help themselves and other functions of government," said McCain.

Why, that sounds like taking money from those who can afford it and giving it to those who can't!

Of course, I believe in that sort of system. I think a progressive tax system is the only thing that makes any sense. The flat tax seems ridiculous to me as 10% of $30,000 hurts a lot more than 10% of 1$ million. But I digress...

This is all to illustrate how absurd McCain's charges of Marxism and socialism and any other -ism are. Unless John McCain is proposing to roll back the progressive tax rates--which he most certainly is NOT--then he should shut up.

Via Think Progress:
McCain: 'When I'm President, we're not gonna let' Exxon reap record profits.
McCain Contradicts Himself On 'Spreading The Wealth': Taxes Should 'Help Those Who Can't Help Themselves'



Just for once, I'd love to eliminate taxes and governmental services, but for Republicans/Red States only. Let's see how well that plays.

I, for one, am tired of watching dollars earned in blue states subsidize programs in Red States for people who don't appreciate it. Caribou Barbie's Alaska takes in about $1.84 in taxpayer money for every $1.00 the spend in Federal taxes.

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