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McCain Defends Robocalls

John McCain gets called to the carpet over his campaign's use of robocalls in a surprisingly tough line of questioning from Fox News' Chris Wallace. Watch McCain seethe as he's confronted with his own words that he "has never and would never" engage in the sort of politicing that smeared his name in the 2000 race against George W. Bush.

McCain Defends Robocalls on Fox News



If he doesn't care about Ayers, why does he care about the relationship?

This is the same tactic LBJ used against his opponents.

"You can't call him a pig fucker! We have no proof!"

"we don't need proof, we just need to make him deny it."

Evil genius.

I wonder how ads describing McCains involvement in funding Central American death-squads in the '80's would play in America's Hispanic communities...

I thought that Wallace didn't have a particularly "tough line" of questions, rather than McCain seemed so agitated that Wallace couldn't even get a question out before McCain began sputtering and talking about whatever he imagined that Wallace was going to ask him. McCain's whole demeanor appeared as though he thought he was being questioned by Olbermann, not one of his partisans.

And I thought that his answer to the question "What would you do during your first 100 days?" was telling: He went on about "reaching across the aisle." There were no specifics about programs, just reaching. And given the performance of McCain & Partner during these past few weeks, how many Dems are really going to be all that interested in working with him (or her), anyway?

How about some ads connecting McCain to G. Gordon Liddy to Nixon? Or connecting McCain to Bill Timmons to Saddam Hussein?

It would be funny to see an ad tying Obama to ACORN to Mickey Mouse.

Well, Mac, Wallace did throw McCain's own words right back in his face.

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