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McCain Gives Up Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico

CNN: McCain camp looking for way to win without Colorado

Iowa and New Mexico always have been viewed as difficult races, but the similar assessment of Colorado reflects a dramatic shift for a campaign that had long counted on the state.

"Gone," was the word one top McCain insider used to describe those three states.

This source said while the polls in Colorado remain close, he and most others in the operation were of the opinion that the Obama campaign and its allies have a far superior ground/turnout operation and "most of us have a hard time counting on Colorado."

The plan seems to be to put all of his eggs in Pennsylvania:

Most polls show McCain trailing by 10 points or more in the state, but one top adviser told CNN on Monday, "The election hinges on Pennsylvania. We'll win Virginia and Nevada in the end, but lose without Pennsylvania."

Good luck with that...



From a strategic standpoint, I can't imagine why these folks actually announce this stuff. Like when they announced that they were gonna pull out of Michigan. It's one thing to reallocate resources as needed, it's another to announce that you have been effectively defeated in a given state. Man, that makes them look like losers.

AP confirms: "public records provided by three Denver stations show the GOP this week cut their ad spending for McCain by 46 percent."

Who would have ever thought the Republicans would be running out of dough? Maybe if Caribou Barbie hadn't spent so much at Neimann Marcus...

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