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McCain Pulls Out of Michigan

In what can only be seen as a defeat for McCain, the campaign has closed up shop in mega battle ground state Michigan and will focus his efforts on others swing states. According to Politico, McCain will pull all TV, radio and ground support from Michigan to redirect resources to Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida.

"McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin spent the night after the GOP convention at a large rally in Macomb County, just outside Detroit. The two returned later last month for another sizable event in Grand Rapids," the article read.

I drove through my home state on Labor Day weekend and was surprised at the number of Obama signs versus those for McCain. There was even an Obama campaign headquarters in Port Huron, Michigan, a town (despite being the birth place of the New Left movement by dint of the Port Huron Statement) not known as a hotbed for Democratic politics.

Of course, it could have something to do with Obama drawing 16,000 supporters to a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is my home town and has long been a Republican stronghold.

TPM has more. Looks like this move is also soaking McCain for more than a few bucks too and making him fight for states that haven't gone Dem in years.

In a sign of how rapidly the race is shifting right now, Evan Tracey, who tracks national ad buys for the Campaign Media Analysis Group, tells me that as of Tuesday, McCain was outspending Obama in Michigan. Now McCain is apparently pulling out.

Separately, it's surprising that this didn't get any national coverage to speak of, but the McCain campaign also announced yesterday that he's adding a dozen new offices in Virginia, where Obama has gained in recent days. If nothing else, Obama is forcing McCain to spend more money in a state that hasn't voted for a Dem for president for 44 years -- LBJ in 1964.



Sarah Palin hates when guys pull out.

This is surprising. I always figured that between the GR/West Michigan (outside of Kzoo) area and the rest of outstate LP and the UP, the Republicans would have no shortage of loyal minions. What gives?

It might have something to do with the growing numbers of unemployed in Michigan, soon to outnumber registered Republicans.

Goodbye John you shitbag liar, we won't miss you.

This move by McCain is proof positive that the man can't deal with a huge economic issue, which is the financial collapse of the middle class. Voters in other swing states--such as Ohio--that are in straits similar to Michigan's (although Michigan certainly has the dubious distinction of leading in job loss, it is by no means unique) ought to take this admission for what it is: An inability to grapple with issues that "Joe Six-Pack and Hockey Moms" are truly concerned with.

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