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McCain Responds to "Say it to My Face"

Charlie Gibson asks McCain why he hasn't asked Obama about Bill Ayers when they've met face-to-face. McCain stumbles a bit trying to explain why and then falls back on his reputation as a blow hard.

McCain Responds to "Say It to My Face"

"Two things I've never been accused of lacking; one is passion the other is courage..."

Actually, I have accused McCain of lacking courage in this respect.

So, can we expect McCain to bring it up next Wednesday? I hope so.



"It didn't come up in the flow of the conversation"? Excuse me? He and his team are the ones making the accusations. It's his *responsibility* to demand the answers from his opponent on such a sensitive issue. If they have proof of a connection between the actions of a dangerous far-left radical group and a tween who would someday run for president, then they need to bring that forward.

That is, unless all of this is just a cowardly, passive-aggresive, attack stunt.

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