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More Palin Lies: Russia Trade Missions

Uh oh, looks like another of Palin's claims has been debunked, this time what she cited as experience working with foreign countries, namely Russia, as evidence she's ready for the VP:

Anchorage Daily News

In an interview last week with CBS News anchor Katie Couric, Palin suggested that her contact was more than just awareness of Russia's nearness. When Couric asked Palin if she'd "ever been involved with any negotiations, for example, with the Russians," the governor replied, "We have trade missions back and forth."

But Steve Smirnoff, the Russian Federation's honorary consul in Anchorage, said Palin never accepted his invitation to open a dialogue with Alaska's neighbor.

When Palin took office in December 2006, Smirnoff says, he sent her a letter suggesting "she could be instrumental in reviving relationships between Alaska and Russia, and the rest of the world."

VIA Andrew Sullivan

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