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More-American-Than-Thou Republican Spurs More Americans to Donate to Democrat

This is an interesting addendum to yesterday's PolJunk story about Minnesota Repbulican 6th District Representative Michelle Bachmann's comments on MSNBC's Hardball. In short, Bachmann basically said that those of us who do not share her Republican views are inherently anti-American. It seems that her comments didn't play as well with her constituents as perhaps she assumed it would. (And we all know what happens when we assume...) Apparently, lots of real Americans took umbrage. In the roughly 26 hours (as of this writing) since Bachmann shared her thoughts with the nation, the campaign of Elwyn Tinklenberg, Bachmann's Democratic challenger in Minnesota's 6th District, took in almost $450,000.

Nearly $450,000 in just over one day – that's amazing for a mostly rural and suburban Minnesota district of just over 614,000 people! I would bet that Tinklenberg can buy all the airtime he needs in that region from now until November 4th.

Way to go, Rep. Bachmann. Fool.

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