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MSNBC: Obama with 100 Point Electoral College Lead

From MSNBC's First Read team (emphasis added):

Obama at 264: A week after Obama's poll numbers spiked in battleground states and after McCain's campaign announced it was retreating from Michigan, Obama has opened up a nearly 100-point electoral-vote lead, according to NBC's new map. Obama now has a 264-174 advantage over McCain, up from his 212-174 edge last week. The changes are all in Obama's direction: We've moved Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from Toss-up to Lean Obama. Also, every single Toss-up state is now a red state, and we are close to moving another red state -- Missouri -- to the Toss-up column. But let's remember: This is where the RACE IS RIGHT NOW, not where we expect the race to be in a month. And we move a state into lean when we believe there's significant evidence based on our reporting and a few of the public polls (we trust) that a candidate has a lead of five points or more.

So, this is all very tentative and subject to change at a moment's notice (just ask John McCain) but a month out from election day, this looks good.

Check out MSNBC's Electoral College Map.



And they're not even giving Virginia to Obama (yet).

Remember though: people lie to pollsters. Especially when issues of race are involved.

So true and why I am so very cautious about this whole thing. it's killing me...in a good way.

My day is not complete without a l'il sampling from Right Wing Land--a little talk radio here, a little blogosphere there, so I can have a laugh/cry at the latest talking points.

I'm getting too ahead of myself, but I think they're already trying to explain away Obama's victory. "Election fraud/ACORN" is a the latest obsession. Also, they're despairing that McCain won't lay the economic crises at the feet of the democrats (because he's "one of them") or why they won't "let Sarah be Sarah" (please do!).

So they're already demoralized. Wheeeeeee!!!

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