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Obama Rally to Draw One Million?

The city of Chicago is bracing for the election night rally Barack Obama is planning in Grant Park with Mayor Daley expecting a million or more people at the lakeshore event.

"It's gonna be surprising. There's gonna be a lot of people who will want to come down and celebrate. We hope it's a million or more. It would be wonderful." Last week, Daley put a $2 million price tag on the cost of city services tied to the Obama rally and said the cash-flush Obama campaign had agreed to cover every penny because of Chicago's "financial crisis." The mayor also portrayed the Grant Park rally as a logistical challenge that would force the city to close Grant Park up to eight hours in advance, block streets, secure the CTA and "realign gas mains."

I have been struggling with what to do on election night:

  • Do I head down to this historical event and join a mass of a million or more people in (hopefully) welcoming a new era in American politics?
  • Or do I get drunk in my basement with my pals gathered around the TV?
  • What are your plans for next Tuesday?



    I've been thinking about that too. It's gonna be a mob scene. If you think the Taste of Chicago is crowded...

    It might be more fun to chill with a cold brew and watch the returns on FOX.

    I plan to get drunk in your basement around the TV.

    Historical or not, that just sounds like a nightmare. How many people were at Lollapalooza for Radiohead this year? 75,000? And they're going to add a zero to the end of that number! Yipes.

    Anyone have a condo near Lake Shore Drive where we could do both?

    [Paging Josh B...]

    If my mom, who considers a drive to Wrigleyville from the NW side "too far," is considering going, you know it's gonna be a zoo! Still, to say you were there...nah, I'll be staying up late with the returns, and if it's not a blowout, hopefully wake up to the good news in the Trib.

    I voted yesterday--early voting rocks! I plan to try again on election day. You can take the kid out of Chicago...

    I'm saying DKP basement all the way. Can we just start calling it the Pol/Junk compound? If we do, you really have to get some sort of camouflage net or parachute to drape across the ceiling. WWHSTD?

    Yes, and we need a HUGE American flag. No, bigger!

    It's a done deal.

    Live blogging and Twitter feeds from the POLJUNK compound. Wild Turkey and blood sausage for everyone!

    Let's DO THIS!


    Is Justine Michioka gonna be there?

    We're keeping our butts planted in Oak Park that night. I have no desire whatsoever to be in the city at all. I have friends on the north side who claim that if Obama loses they're leaving the city/state immediately in case of riots(yeah extreme but hey)

    Sorry DP, we can't borrow the place for the night. While my Repub father is heading to Mich to escape the rally(he's not happy that Obama is going to be outside his terrace view), doubt he'd want to lend it to us "socialists" for the night.

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