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Plumb Silly

Why does the Obama campaign let McCain continually haul out "Joe the Plumber" as some sort of representative hero for the middle class during his stump speeches? After it was revealed that Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is, apparently, behind on his taxes and not a licensed plumber, how is it that he should be some sort of paragon of the people? If someone doesn't pay their taxes, aren't they, well, breaking the law? Last I checked, they're not optional. Does McCain think that that is acceptable behavior? Is that simply what mavericks do—ignore their government?

And what of his plumbing business? While not being a licensed plumber in and of itself doesn't disqualify someone from plumbing, isn't it likely that if someone were to realistically desire to buy a plumbing business that they would be a licensed plumber? Given the tightened credit markets (thanks, Mr. Bush), one would assume that for Joe to buy a plumbing business that would make on the order of $250K or more, he'd have to show that he probably has matters like property taxes handled. But evidently that doesn't factor into McCain's view of the world. Economics never was his strong suit.

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